It’s been quite a journey. 19 journeys & counting in fact. But, for a while at least, I’m calling time on the Bangers mixtapes. If you want one more you best make some NOISE!

I’m looking for YOUR input to make the 20th & final instalment truly special. What are your favourite selections from the series so far? And what tunes should have been included but haven’t been yet?

Number 20 will feature your favourites from the archive, plus the best of your ideas, and I will remix EVERY TRACK that makes the cut.

Use the comment field below to submit your requests & ideas. All participants will get the download link long before the general public do. Not to mention being a part of music history!

I’m not hanging up my headphones, there will be plenty more mixtapes. Just a bit more specialist mostly. I expect. Thanks so much for your support, and if there are any gaps in your collection, you can find download or mixcloud links in the archive.


4 thoughts on “BIG BANGERS NEWS”

  1. Surely you can some work some Del Gazeebo magic on the I got a Woman Ray v beasty Collins remix off of vol 1?! Or what about the Kris Kros Jump? And I’m sure you played some Freesylers of the first albumn any of which could use the DG love. There is far too much to choose from! x


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