Andy Cooper – Do the Charlie Brown (Del Gazeebo Remix)


I was lucky enough to see Ugly Duckling twice on their current UK tour. I’ve always had a soft-spot for UD, from the moment my old DJ partner Finlaz played me a B-side of theirs called “Lay it on Ya” back in the late 90s, at a time when Hip Hop was in danger of disappearing up its own arse.

We been eatin, breathin, and sleepin hip hop since way back
When shoelaces were fat and Michael Jackson was black”

First up was Oxford, and the turnout was embarassingly disappointing. I’d have been more embarassed if it was my home-town, but I promised them a better showing when they came to Brighton, and while the Brighton scene isn’t exactly thriving these days, I was pleased to see that plenty came out to show their support. They aren’t touring to promote a new album this time, and there are currently no plans to record any more, which I think is a real shame. The three of them bring so much fun, energy & chemistry on stage, and I hope this isn’t the last chance any of us get to see them do their thing live.

Of course they aren’t done with the music scene by any stretch of the imagination. Andy Cooper recently dropped his free EP – 6 tracks in a variety of styles & tempos that are all on point. You can sign up for the EP here.

Here’s my take on one of the tracks from the EP called “Do the Charlie Brown”.


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