Old’s Cool!

Well, that was quite a summer.

As some of you will already know, I wasn’t lying when I said that AwamuTogether was going to be a summer highlight. Not only were good times had by all, but £15,000 was raised for the charity – an amazing feat for a first attempt. All indications are that it will happen again next year too. Hats off to all those that made it happen. The money raised is already being put to good use and changing lives.

Now that they’ve had a good rinsing on Mixcloud, both of my Together promo mixes are now available to download. The first one is on the groovy side, while the second instalment gets to the point quicker & bangs a bit harder!

(finally) Got it Together


[right-click the links (not the Mixcloud players) & “save as”]

Lots of people have been asking me about the N-Joi refix I threw together for “Twogether”. It was just made on-the-fly and so was a little rough around the edges. I tidied it up, added some extra production and there’s an exclusive blog-only download link here.

Latitude with the Disco Shed was hot, humid, and brilliant as ever. The same can’t be said for Leeds, where the weather presented some challenges, but it was great to sign off the season with Bestival, where, Saturday aside, the weather was much kinder.

Now summer is done & dusted, I have a bit more time for music. Lots of tunes that were “nearly there” are even more nearly there now, so stay tuned for some fresh mixtapes & original sounds in the coming weeks & months…

edit: I’ve just been notified that some of the download links in the mixtape archive (Bangers 1-6 specifically) are dead. I’ll fix those in the coming days.


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