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Summer vibes!


I know it doesn’t much feel like summer yet, but perhaps this Pluto Shervington refix will do the trick? People have been pestering me for this for a long time now, and the wait is finally over. Downloads are go for a limited time only. You snooze, you lose!

Summer is starting to shape up nicely, and not least because I’ve been asked to get involved with Together – a small, intimate and friendly party in Wiltshire on the first weekend of August. Good times, for a good cause in good company is what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always preferred smaller parties to huge festivals (and unfortunately I’m not getting any younger) so I’m really looking forward to it. Fun for kids of all ages – even my age!

You should come – but don’t sleep, because tickets are strictly limited. Line up, ticket info & everything else you need to know is all on their website, alongside some information about Awamu, the very good cause this event is in aid of. Everyone involved will be volunteering their services free of charge to maximise the charitable benefit. Names continue to be added to the line-up, but regardless of who’s on it, the vibe and company is guaranteed to be spot on.

Awamu Radio has started featuring some of the artists that will be performing at the party & you can click here for my offering – a 72 minute ride through the good stuff, with the usual disinterest in genres. There’s only one genre I’m interested in – GOOD. With the Bangers series currently on haitus I had a bit of a backlog of good stuff & I did my best to cram in as many of them as I could. As it is, there’s still a crate of stuff waiting to be dropped. Cold this mean a glorious return of the Bangers? We’ll see.

You want a download? Buy a ticket & we’ll talk!

Loads more cool stuff happening this summer too – stay tuned.


Andy Cooper – Do the Charlie Brown (Del Gazeebo Remix)


I was lucky enough to see Ugly Duckling twice on their current UK tour. I’ve always had a soft-spot for UD, from the moment my old DJ partner Finlaz played me a B-side of theirs called “Lay it on Ya” back in the late 90s, at a time when Hip Hop was in danger of disappearing up its own arse.

We been eatin, breathin, and sleepin hip hop since way back
When shoelaces were fat and Michael Jackson was black”

First up was Oxford, and the turnout was embarassingly disappointing. I’d have been more embarassed if it was my home-town, but I promised them a better showing when they came to Brighton, and while the Brighton scene isn’t exactly thriving these days, I was pleased to see that plenty came out to show their support. They aren’t touring to promote a new album this time, and there are currently no plans to record any more, which I think is a real shame. The three of them bring so much fun, energy & chemistry on stage, and I hope this isn’t the last chance any of us get to see them do their thing live.

Of course they aren’t done with the music scene by any stretch of the imagination. Andy Cooper recently dropped his free EP – 6 tracks in a variety of styles & tempos that are all on point. You can sign up for the EP here.

Here’s my take on one of the tracks from the EP called “Do the Charlie Brown”.

Jungle Brother (Del Gazeebo’s Suburban Makeover)

There were so many comments after I included Aphrodite‘s “BM Funkster” in the last Bangers mixtape, I thought it might be a good idea to shake it up a bit for a festival rinse out.  Put together pretty much on the road and in a hurry, it’s not perfect by any means, but it certainly did the job this summer.


Massive Set of Bangers Part 16

A 2 hour session of Bangers, mixed in April 2014

You can stream it from the Mixcloud website, or download it.

Luxxury – California Eagles
Yasiin Gaye – Ms. Fat Booty
Smov & Suonho – A Little Bit of Soul (Demo)
Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
Massive Attack – Be Thankful (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Freqnik & WDRE – Make it Funky
A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour (Jim Sharp Revisit)
The Allergies – Remember
AfroQBen – Hypnotize Me
DJ Maars & Waggles – Elevate The Mind
Orange Juice – Rip it Up (12″ mix)
Soul II Soul – Joy (Brand New Heavies Remix)
Fab Samperi – In the River (Ursula 1000 Remix)
Dixie Cups – Iko Iko (Qdup’s Future Go-Go Edit)
Copycat – Exploding Crates (Del Gazeebo Re-fresh)
DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat (Party Favor Re-Twerk)
Jamalski & Roughneck Reality Massive – Jump Spread Out (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
Titan Sound – Swag
Mr Benn – The Jump
El Bomba – Never Dibby Dibby
Jimi Needles & WBBL – Crash The Party (Jimi Needles Intro Edit)
DJ Daigo – Turn It Up
Jason King – Let The Meat Hit Em
Hotline Zero – Funk Off
A-Skillz Vs Beatvandals – Beat don’t stop (VIP)
Dizzy Bull – Welkshake (feat. Kelis)
Mari – Free (Ray Mang Extended Remix)
B-Team – White Noise Lover (Vocal Version)
Smoove & Turrell – You Don’t Know (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
George Francis – Look Right Through (MK Was Big In The 90s Mash)
Lee Coombs vs Kosheen vs Kariya – Let me Love You for Tonight (NYE ReRub)
Route 94 – My Love (Freestylers ReFix)
Deekline – Unplugged

It would please me no end if you’d support some/any of the artists featured. Money talks of course, but there are quick & free ways to show your love & support too – a quick like, favourite, repost, or comment often means a lot.